Crushing YouTube

How to Start a YouTube Channel, Launch Your YouTube Business and Make Money Online with YouTube!

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The keys to growing a YouTube channel that took me from zero to 75,000 subscribers in 18 months. If you’re serious about starting a YouTube business and want to make money on YouTube, I can show you the way.I’ve doubled my monthly income by creating a YouTube channel. Thousands of people watch each video and I’ve built a community that supports and motivates me every day…and that’s all in less than two years!Is it Too Late to Start a YouTube Business?I’ve been developing online businesses since 2012 but was late to the game on YouTube. By the time I started my YouTube channel, people were already saying, “YouTube is dead!” People were saying you couldn’t grow on YouTube anymore and that small channels couldn’t win in the YouTube algorithm.I’m living proof you CAN start a YouTube business and be successful. I average $3,500 a month on ads alone (June 2019) and another three- to four-thousand on sponsorships, affiliates and my own products. In fact, I believe we’re just coming into the Age of YouTube with the rollout of 5G and every business owner needs a video presence.A YouTube How-To from Someone that’s Been ThereI’ve seen the frustration for small YouTubers, trying to compete and get views against the million-subscriber monsters. I know what it’s like to start a channel from nothing. I’ll not only show you how to set up your channel to look professional, I’ll reveal the secrets even some of the biggest YouTube creators don’t know.In this book, you’ll learn:

•How to get YouTube video ideas and hack the most popular videos for viral success (Pg 49)

•Five steps to building a YouTube channel brand that creates an army of supporters (Pg 69)

•The easy way to record videos, even if you don’t like to be on camera (Pg 85)

•Five income streams that guarantee you WILL make money on YouTube (Pg 135)

Since starting my YouTube channel, I’ve consulted and helped other video influencers grow their channels for millions of views. I’ve helped them find sponsorships and make enough money to quit their day job to make YouTube a full-time business. I can do the same for you with this book.I can show you the way but YOU have to get started. Scroll back up and click Buy Now to create your YouTube business and start making money on YouTube.


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